Outdoor basketball court ( Zhongshan, China ). Installation height: 7m

8 x 400W ( High Power ) LED Flood Lights I Series
Beam angle: 85 x 135°
Color temperature: 5700K
Lumens: 52000Lm
IP Grade: IP65

Average Illumination:
760 Lux

Project introduction:

Outdoor basketball court lighting generally chooses about 7 meters of light pole. The choice of lights is LED floodlights. A standard outdoor basketball court (32m x 19m) is to be equipped with 4 pcs to 6 pcs tapered poles. Left and right sides of the light pole equipped with 2 pcs 400W LED floodlights, two basketball court in the middle of the two light pole with 4 pcs 400W LED floodlights, you can be very good to meet the needs of outdoor basketball night lighting.

400W LED floodlights ( I Series) are replace 400W halogen lights. Lumens efficiency of halogen light is 80Lm/w, But lumens efficiency of LED floodlights i series is 130Lm/w. About liftspan, halogen lighting is 8000H, but our LED flood lighting is 50000H. LED lights in line with environmental requirements, not include mercury and other toxic elements, high quality LED flood lights and a long life, thus reducing the cost of maintenance.

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