Outdoor football court. Installation height: 30m

60 x 400W High Power LED Flood Lights J Series
Beam angle: 40° and 80°
Color temperature: 5700K
Lumens: 52000Lm
IP Grade: IP 65

Average Illumination:
200 Lux

Project introduction:

The project is made up of several small outdoor soccer fields. There are six poles on both sides of the course, with a height of 30m and 10 LED floodlights ( J Series ) on each pole.

This project uses a 400W LED floodlight. Luminous angle of 40° and 80°, two kinds of light angle mixing.

The angle between the lanterns and the horizontal surface of the fixture is not less than 25°. This is an international standard. If this angle is too large, it is conducive to glare control, but it is unfavorable to vertical illumination. At the same time, the energy consumption is increased, the efficiency is reduced and the investment is increased. For this reason, the 2007 edition of the FIFA standard gives the minimum and maximum values, ie the angle is between 25° to 45°.

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