High power LED floodlights belong to outdoor LED lighting and industrial LED lighting.

In the field of outdoor lighting, through the rational control of the light distribution to ensure ideal brightness and uniformity, while eliminating glare and LED light energy utilization to the limit, and there is no light pollution. And converging lens array having a protective role, avoid wasteful duplication of light and reduce the loss of light, but also reduce the quality of products, and to simplify the structure and make the product more thin. LED products cover almost the entire visible spectral range, and the color purity is high, the color of the show more real, more vivid. A variety of color temperature options to meet the needs of different occasions for color temperature, color temperature is too low to eliminate the sodium and mercury lamp color temperature caused by high hypnotic mood and depressed mood, so that the viewer feel comfortable.

LED outdoor lighting for cooling and shelter, usually using the shell and the radiator integrated design, which is conducive to the heat of the two-way conduction. The insulation of the shell and heat the integration of the design. But also to meet the shelter, dust, rain and snow. Is conducive to improving the LED lamps of the heat, heat, rain and snow, dust performance. Thereby increasing the reliability of LED outdoor lighting.

In the field of industrial lighting, illumination of uniform illumination is usually provided throughout the area, and local lighting can be used to provide visual lighting with a higher illumination than conventional illumination. By increasing the number of LED lamps and a single LED lamps to achieve the light output to improve illumination. Industrial lighting supplementary lighting, the planning also need to consider the temporary area of the visual function of the comfort, should try to avoid the region or adjacent space glare.

Outdoor large area industrial lighting There is two different lighting systems: LED projection lighting and distributed lighting. The function of the projection lighting is to provide illumination for different outdoor work areas from the smallest range of locations, with the advantage that the light distribution is more flexible and suitable for conventional and local lighting, lighting fixtures and visual barriers must be minimized. The light distribution lighting system has the advantages of good light effect, uniform illumination and poor shadow minimization.

Industrial lighting lamps should be based on environmental conditions, to meet the work and production conditions to choose, consider the installation and operation of the optical and mechanical properties, and appropriate attention to beautiful appearance, easy installation and coordination with the building to achieve the optimal lighting environment, The longest working life, the most energy efficient use, and intelligent control.

Our high power LED flood lights belong to modules LED flood lights. Modules can be arbitrarily combined into different power and brightness requirements of the product. Each module is a separate light source and interchangeable, partial failure does not affect the normal operation of the lamp, easy disassembly and maintenance, saving maintenance costs and makes maintenance very easy. Lamps can be optimized by size, multi-creative combination to meet the different shape, illumination, installation requirements. Followed by modular solution to heat is difficult, the problem of small power. Heating individual modules can be designed to the optimum, fully guarantee the life led lights, consider the impact of each other when combined cooling, install wiring influence, the power is adjusted to the best, to facilitate the realization of high-efficiency LED floodlight. The Modularization to the manufacturer to bring convenience, a high degree of standardization of parts, assembly efficiency has greatly improved.

High Power LED Flood Lights H Series | 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W

Product Features:

  1. Structure is modular, single module can do 50-70W, each module with 77 1.2W lamp beads, the module aluminum plate with 1.6mm thick high thermal conductivity aluminum plate, the use of Dow Corning thermal paste, thermal conductivity of 2.0 the above.
  2. Radiator Material: 6063 extrusion (purity of 99.99% of the A00 pure aluminum ingots), good heat dissipation, lamp temperature rise of not more than 30 degrees.
  3. Lens Material: Bayer raw materials and anti-UV materials, with excellent impact resistance and good light transmission with temperature, so that greatly enhance product life.
  4. Waterproof tape: US Dow Corning materials, with excellent weather resistance, vibration, moisture, high temperature and other properties, from -60 ℃ – 180 ℃ stable and have a bomb, so that products can really IP65 waterproof level.
  5. Beam Angle: 40°, 80°, 120°, 30*70°, 70*140°, Polarized beam angle 40° (120 ° with a transparent cover and matte cover.), For different applications can choose a different light angle.
  6. Bracket adjustable angle: 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° and other angles, according to the environment debugging the ideal illumination angle.
  7. The whole lamp shell surface spray outdoor powder processing, corrosion resistance. Screws using stainless steel (3014) screws and spare parts.

About adjust angle of modules:

  1. Can not adjust angle.
  2. The modules of the lighting in both sides, can adjust angle, but the modules of middle, can not adjust angle.
  3. All of the modules can adjust angle. but price will cost a little more. More than 500W does not recommend adjust angle.


100W, 150W, 200W, 240W: Indoor & outdoor flood, heavy industry,mining,cool rooms,storage areas,loading bays,car parks,architectural illumination, Gas stations, museums etc.

High Power LED Flood Lights I Series | 80W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W, 300W, 400W, 500W, 600W

Product Features:

  1. Distributed LED and mould designing, small lumens depreciation and Long life-span.
  2. More than 90% light-emitting area,higher light efficiency and more energy efficient.
  3. Lift style installation suit for various occasions.
  4. Nano coating heatsink Technology, lighter and safer.
  5. Special surface treatment, suit for various bad environment even the sea water.
  6. Multi-angle optics designing, applied more widely
  7. LEDs from Philips Lumileds with high thermal conductivity, good heat-radiation, small light decay, pure light, no ghosting, stable performance and quality advantages.
  8. Unique thermal management design low LED junction temperature effectively, ensure the lifespan of the light source and power.
  9. Extremely light weight for safety use and installation.
  10. Eco-friendly and energy saving, dust-proof, no radiation and emitting heat, no mercury, lead and other Pollution elements.
  11. High color rendering index to show the physical color rendering more real. Various colors is optional to meet the needs of different environments. Eliminating the repressed emotions caused by the traditional lamp in highor low color temperature , the light is visual comfort, and improve the work efficiency.
  12. Power by constant current and voltage, can work in wide voltage range AC90V-305V. Overcome the unstable on the light caused by ballast disturbance, noise pollution, avoid the stimulus work to eye fatigue.
  13. Using a special surface treatment process, new design on appearance. Simple installation, easy disassembly. Wide range of application.
  14. Beam angle: 30°, 60°, 90°, 60X135°, 85X135°.


Suitable for Warehouses, Production and logistics workshops, Retail stores, Theme restaurants, usement parks,Indoor stadiums and public places, and other industrial and commercial lighting purposes.

High Power LED Flood Lights J Series | 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W, 300W, 400W

Product Features:

  1. The LED driver of the lamp should be an external split type and a modular type for easy maintenance and replacement.
  2. Lamp housing, power shell made of aluminum alloy. Support base made of steel, its supporting bolts, nuts, gaskets and other fixed parts should be made of stainless steel. Light lamp shade should adopt the sub-plate with high light transmission performance.
  3. Lamp shell, power shell, mounting base and other exposed parts of the surface using anodized appropriate way to rust, corrosion treatment. The anti-glare grille surface should be polished, oxidized or coated. Support the base surface are anti-corrosion treatment, to prevent the tunnel environment, harmful gases and cleaning agents corrosion.
  4. Lamp structure should be durable, can withstand a certain degree of mechanical stress and temperature stress. Lamp fixture thickness of not less than 2.8mm. Lamp support base (including bolts, nuts, gaskets) load-bearing capacity should be greater than three times the weight of lamps.
  5. Lamps are easy to install and remove. The installation angle of the lamp can be adjusted flexibly. The support base of the lamp can be adjusted horizontally and longitudinally.
  6. Lamps and power supply shell is sealed, there are special wire into the sealing device.
  7. The power input terminal is equipped with waterproof cable connector; power output cable to be waterproof cable connector before the introduction of lamps. A control cable with a constant current source with current control function is connected to the control bus via a waterproof cable connector. Power input, output and control cables are waterproof cable, input, output and control cable connectors are not common to each other.
  8. The power input is designed as a waterproof connector, the power output cable should be introduced through the waterproof connector.
  9. Output current The control cable of the controllable power supply is connected to the control bus through the waterproof connector.
  10. Power input, output and control cable connector is not common to each other, the cable waterproof connector power supply side for the jack, the power receiving side for the pin.
  11. Electrical isolation between the lamp power input and the power supply housing or between the power supply terminals. The metal components connected to the lamp power input are not exposed.
  12. The metal case of the lamp and the power supply and its grounding device are electrically formed as a whole and are easy to install and connect the grounding device to the grounding line of the lamp system.

High Power LED Flood Lights K Series | 100W, 200W, 240W, 400W

Product Features:

  1. Available in varies designated beam angles fitted with efficient LEDs from international brandnames such as Lumileds, and powered by Meanwell driver, Luminpeak High Power LED Flood Lights offer the users not only superior quality of lighting exteriors, but also a supreme reliability.
  2. Bean angle have 60°, 90°, 110°, 40 x 120°, With the special beam profile and uniform photometric distribution,this LED lighting series achieves high optical efficiency with state-of-the-art technology to boost up overall system efficiency. It is perfectly suitable for outdoor flood lighting applications.
  3. With proprietary patented thermal management design to ensure low LED junction temperature, while maintaining the extremely light weight, this LED lighting series has become the unique product available in the professional outdoor lighting market.
  4. IP65 and easy installation and maintenance. Dust prevention, longer lifetime and high lumin design.
  5. Outputting light at a highly effient 140 lumens per watt, the LED Flood Light range delivers light equivalent to sodium and metal halide flods at a fraction of the energy consumption and costs.

High Power LED Flood Lights L Series | 200W, 360W, 540W, 720W, 1080W, 1440W

Product Features:

  1. Cold forging heat dissipation process, 200W – 1440W multipower optional.
  2. Anodic oxidation, increasing the fitting degree of the light plate and radiator, so that the temperature can be exported rapidly.
  3. Optical PC lens material, the transmittance is 94%, and the lumens efficiency can reach 140Lm/w.
  4. Professional light distributiong: 10°, 25°, 45°, 60°, 90°, is suitable for many different places.
  5. Lengthening bracket for various angles of irradiation.

High Power LED Flood Lights M Series | 250W, 500W, 750W, 1000W

Products Features:

  1. Separate modular design, 250W each modular intergeted with driver.
  2. Optial Lens, transmittnce>94%, professional light distrbutin: 10° / 25° / 45° / 60° / 90° .
  3. Lumileds chip, CRI>80, high light efficiency 140Lm/w.
  4. Meanwell driver, 5 years Warranty.
  5. IP66 Waterproof rate.

High Power LED Flood Lights N Series | 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W, 300W, 400W, 500W, 600W

Products Features:

  1. Separate modular design, 50Was a single modular with driver, 50W to 600W are optional.
  2. Pure aluminum 6063 material body, colorful aluminum frame makes it more elegent.
  3. Anti-UV PC optics lens, transmittance>94%. beam angle: 10° / 25° / 45° / 60° / 90° / 20*50° / 30*70° / 80*140° .
  4. Lumileds chip, CRI>80, high light efficiency 140Lm/w.
  5. Meanwell driver, 5 years Warranty.
  6. IP66 Waterproof rate.