LED flood lights from a specific point in all directions uniformly irradiated to the object. Able to aim in any direction, and have no impact on the climate conditions of the structure. Mainly used for large-scale mining operation field, the outline of buildings, stadiums, flyovers, monuments, parks and flower beds. Therefore, almost all of the outdoor use of large area lighting can be seen as cast light. Since the LED has a good condenser performance and high brightness, so that the LED light source is used in more and more the focus of the irradiation field.

LED lamp life compared to traditional light sources, all aspects of the start time, stability, security, and environmental protection has advantages, it is widely used in individual and completely replace the traditional lighting sources.

As the LED flood light without heat, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, exhibits or merchandise will not cause damage. Compared with traditional light sources, lamps do not need additional filters, lights, simple, inexpensive, easy to install. The precise distribution of light can be used as a substitute for museum lighting. Commercial lighting metropolis using colored LED, white LED interior decoration interior decoration can be combined to provide auxiliary lighting for the interior, hidden LED light strip can also be used, particularly advantageous for low space.

LED flood light with the traditional high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp compared to a very obvious feature is the start time is fast, do not need pre-start time, turn off the lights can immediately be re-light. So it can be used in some places where people stay relatively short, and the emergence of induction flood light, which is the traditional cast light source such as high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp cannot do.

LED flood light with its high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, safety and reliability and is conducive to environmental protection and other advantages, has become the mainstream of modern outdoor lighting products. LED flood light structure design is reasonable, the light reflectivity is high, with the condenser effect, the irradiation area is small, the illumination is far, the light effect is good, the heat dissipation efficiency is high, the waterproof sealing is strong, the production cost is reduced effectively, and the whole lamp volume is effectively reduced.

LED Flood Lights G Series | 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W

  1. fins through the reentry process after the composite teeth, to ensure that the fins and thermal plate buckle more tightly solid, high-purity aluminum thermal conductivity board, heat conduction more effective;
  2. Weatherability surface treatment, with excellent anti-corrosion anti-rust function, suitable for harsh outdoor environment;
  3. Through professional vibration testing, to ensure the safe use of various environments;
  4. Through the waterproof test, the protection level is lP67;
  5. The maximum adjustment angle of the bracket is 228 °;
  6. built-in respirator, adjust the temperature difference between the inside and outside, to prevent the glass fog condensation;
  7. The whole light weight design, reduce the difficulty of installation, to ensure the use of security;

Fins after reentry process after the combination of teeth. To ensure that the fins and thermal plate buckle more tightly solid. Heat assisted heat transfer three – dimensional ventilation cooling fins. Resulting in two heat transfer channels, LED heat can be quickly removed from the bottom of the LED to achieve rapid cooling.

Applications: outdoor billboards, shopping malls, bridges, political road, exhibition hall, parking lot, sports ground, road, building facade and public corridor, stairway aisle, the largest alternative to 400W-800W traditional lights.