In all kinds of traditional commercial lamps and traditional industrial lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc., LED linear high bay lights are the ideal alternative. For example: warehouses, manufacturing centers, outdoor basketball courts, outdoor soccer fields, outdoor tennis courts.

There wattage 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W, 320W. LED with high efficiency, high CRI LED SMD 3030 (Osram). Lumens efficiency is 130LM / W. In addition, LED linear high bay lights with a microwave sensor, you can make lamps more energy efficient.

The installation of the lamp is very convenient. There are three ways: Suspended Mounting. surfaced mounting, Adjust bracket. Through these three kinds of installation, can be applied on various occasions.

Working wattage is generally between tens of watts and several hundred watts. LED light color is good, the physical color of the show more real. A variety of light color options, to meet the needs of different environments. Eliminating the traditional lamp color temperature is high or low caused by depressed mood, so that the visual feel more comfortable and improves people’s work efficiency.

LED linear high bay lights have a variety of beam angle options, it has 40°, 80°, 120°, 30*70°, 70*140°, Polarized beam angle 40 °. According to different light angle, can be applied to different venues. Enhance the practicality of lamps.

According to the lighting function can be divided into two kinds of general lighting and local lighting:

General lighting is usually evenly arranged at the top of the workplace or on the side wall, lighting the entire face. The need to use high-power LED high bay light; local lighting is a kind of work to improve the illumination of the lamp. The role of high bay light is based on the general lighting to strengthen, fill light, it can be in some usually do not need lighting for temporary lighting.

LED Linear High Bay Lights | 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W, 320W

Product Features:

  1. Innovation design with a stylish contemporary look;
  2. 100W/150W/200W/240W/320W available;
  3. 0.6m/0.9m/1.2m/1.5m available;
  4. High-strength 6063 aluminum alloy housing;
  5. IP65 enclosure, suitable for outdoor or indoor use;
  6. The LED chip is Osram and Meanwell Driver available;
  7. High Light Efficiency 125Lm/w at CRI80;
  8. Private mold lens design with different beam angle 40° ,80° ,120° ,30*70° ,70*140° , Polarized Beam angle 40° available;
  9. Suspended mounting/surfaced mounting/adjusted bracket mounting;


  1. 40°, 80°, 120°: open area lighting and flood lighting;
  2. 30*70°: warehouse aisle lighting, wash wall lighting;
  3. 70*140°: Open area lighting, Tunnel Lighting;
  4. Polarized Beam angle 40°: Wall lighting, Billboard Lighting, Tunnel Lighting;