UFO LED high bay lights. it is a high-precision fully automated equipment, a forming aluminum fin cooling shell, cooling effect is good. Using a number of high lumens efficiency and high CRI of LED SMD 3030 (Philips), light uniform, with a constant current Meanwell driver. Equipped with a respirator, effectively prevent the temperature difference due to environmental fog, waterproof, dust. Widely used in outdoor and indoor harsh application environment.

In the past, most of the use of high-power high-pressure mercury lamp or metal halide lamp and iodine tungsten lamp, made of heavy high bay light, power consumption, high maintenance costs, serious environmental pollution. Lighting effects in color changes are not satisfactory. In the AC220V, 50Hz operating frequency of light, the resulting strobe easy to cause eye fatigue. At the same time there is the beginning of the filament preheating problem, can not achieve rapid start; and some ordinary high bay lights using liquid mercury (mercury) and other harmful gases, is not conducive to environmental protection and working environment.

In today’s world, factories, workshops, mines, warehouses, etc., a lot of use of LED high bay lights, LED high bay lights are more high efficiency, more energy efficient. In our UFO LED high bay lights, lumens efficiency is 150LM/W, equivalent to 100W UFO LED high bay lights can replace the traditional 600W halogen and 450W traditional high bay light. Traditional lights have the shortcomings of high temperature, light temperature up to 200-300 degree centigrades, and LED itself is a cold light source, lamp temperature is low, more secure.

UFO LED high bay lights including radiator and PCB board, radiator and PCB board is located inside the thermal cover, PCB board is set with LED, LED set with lens, LED through the lens to the outside. There are a variety of angles to choose the angle of light, our beam angle of 60 °, 90 °, 120 °. Light through the lens can be evenly irradiated on the ground. Fin-type radiator for the aluminum die-casting molding, the fins are equally spaced, seamless connection, each other, providing a good air convection structure, cooling effect is good.

UFO LED High Bay Lights | 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W, 240W

Product Features:

  1. The first patented proprietary optics and higher transmittance 95% water wave lens.
  2. 150 LM/W high luminous efficiency, 12400 luminous flux.
  3. IP65 protection class, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion proof.
  4. Using high-strength aluminum alloy body, stable, beautiful and fully recyclable.
  5. Die-casting aluminum radiator, professional technology thermal management.
  6. Independent of the external Meanwell driver, beneficial to heat dissipation.
  7. Contains no mercury or lead and cool to the touch.
  8. The brand of LED is Nichia, color temperature have 4000K, 5000K, 5700K.
  9. Simple installation, Chain mount, Surface mount.
  10. Quick connect waterproof adaptors on Meanwell drivers, security protection.
  11. Surface anti-aging electrostatic spray-paint processing, ensure longer lifespan.
  12. No infrared of UV radiation – Reduced insects.
  13. Designed for harsh temperature and high humidity.

Microwave Sensors UFO LED High Bay Lights

In our UFO LED high bay lights, it have microwave function, with the microwave sensor, the lighting becomes intelligent, it is more energy efficient.

Microwave sensor is the use of Doppler effect of the design of the moving object detector. It detects the position of the object in a non-contact manner, and then causes the corresponding operation. With anti-radio frequency interference ability, from temperature, humidity, light, air, dust and other effects.


  1. The first is the smart sensor: When someone into the microwave sensor detection range, the microwave sensor operating point lights, when people leave the detection range, the lights automatically extinguished. Automatically identify day and night.
  2. The second is the intelligent delay: microwave sensor in the detection of the human body after each activity will automatically extend a cycle, and the last time the body of the extension time as the starting point.
  3. The third is the mode of working: microwave sensor connected, in the delay period, if the human activities, microwave sensors will continue to turn on until people leave and delay time.
  4. The fourth is the light control: according to the outside of the light intensity, to control the microwave sensor switch is working to achieve energy saving effect.
  5. The fifth is the microwave sensor compared with the infrared products: microwave sensor sensor distance farther, wide angle, no dead zone, can penetrate the glass, and thin wood, from the environment, temperature, dust and other effects.

UFO LED high bay light fixtures are smaller than the old LED high bay light. In the same container, the number of UFO LED high bay light fixtures devices is more. Most of the old LED high bay lights use integrated arrays, but UFO LED high bay light fixtures uses LED SMD 3030. The advantage of using LED SMD is that it can increase the heat dissipation area of LEDs, unlike integrated arrays that integrate many chips into a small board. Due to the limitation of integrated arrays, old LED high bay lights require a large aluminum product. Radiator to dissipate heat, which increases the size of the lamp. UFO LED high bay light fixtures uses LED SMD to increase the heat dissipation area of the lamp, instead of using a large aluminum radiator like the old LED high bay lights. UFO LED high bay light fixtures can use a small volume and air flow to help the luminaire quickly dissipate heat, thereby increasing the life of the luminaire. And our UFO LED high bay light fixtures is dust-proofed, making it harder to collect dust.

We use Cree LED SMD 3030, which has excellent performance and wide application in LED package, high efficiency and excellent value. Optimized for applications where high efficiency and smooth appearance are critical. Unmatched design flexibility for lighting applications.

In terms of LED driver, we have two solutions, Meanwell driver and Sosen driver, to meet different customer groups under the premise of ensuring product quality. UFO LED high bay light fixtures also has multiple functions, such as 1-10V, microwave sensing, DALI, and is suitable for a variety of customer groups that require intelligent lighting.

The operating temperature of the lamp is -40°C ~ +45°C, which can be widely used in various extreme environments.

In terms of luminous efficacy, UFO LED high bay light fixtures compares with old LED high bay light, UFO LED high bay light fixtures is far better than old LED high bay light. Under the condition of CRI80, the UFO LED high bay light fixtures with LED SMD 3030 has a luminous efficacy of 130 Lm/W. However, the old LED high bay light uses an integrated arrays, the luminous efficacy is very low, between 90Lm/W – 100Lm/W. So UFO LED high bay light fixtures is your best choice.

UFO LED High Bay Light Fixtures | 100W, 150W, 200W | Meanwell Driver

UFO LED High Bay Light Fixtures | 100W, 150W, 200W | Sosen Driver

Products Features:

  1. The overall appearance of the process is full of sense, with a sense of product design, beauty;
  2. High efficacy: 130Lm/W standard;
  3. Power: 100W, 150W, 200W;
  4. Meanwell driver or Sosen driver, Cree LED SMD 3030;
  5. Beam angle: 90°;
  6. Warranty for 5 years;
  7. Lifetime 100,000 hours with IP65 & IK07 protection;
  8. 1~10V, DALI, Microwave, Intelligent dimming control mode is optional to achieve systematic control effect of industrial lighting, saving energy and saving electricity;
  9. The color rendering is good, and the actual color is more vivid. Various light colors are available, which can meet the needs of different environments, eliminate the depression caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps, make the visual comfort more comfortable and improve the work efficiency of workers;
  10. Widely used in garages, factories, power plants, aluminum plants, stadiums and other large stadium lighting, lighting exhibition hall, commercial lighting, showroom lighting, farmers markets, highway toll stations, logistics centers, school halls, hotels, factories, gas stations , indoor stadiums, exhibition halls, train station waiting rooms, libraries, logistics warehouses, cold storage and other ceiling lighting places.

Installation Manual ( PDF File ): UFO LED High Bay Lights Fixtures