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Industrial LED Lighting

Design range for industrial LED lighting includes indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, station lighting, underground lighting, road lighting, obstruction lighting etc.

  1. Indoor lighting: Factory interior lighting, office area lighting, warehouse area lighting.
  2. Outdoor lighting: The open field of the shipbuilding industry. Petrochemical enterprises in the kettle, cans, reaction tower. Building materials enterprises rotary kiln, belt corridor. Metallurgical enterprises of the blast furnace, ladder, platform, power station gas cabinet. The main transformer substation of the main transformer substation, power distribution device. Outdoor pump station cooling rack and outdoor ventilation and dust removal equipment, such as lighting.
  3. Station lighting: Station, railway marshalling station, parking lot, open container yard and so on.
  4. Underground lighting: basement, cable tunnel, integrated corridor, tunnel interior.
  5. Road lighting: Road of factory and other road lighting.
  6. Obstruction lighting: Extra high buildings such as chimneys, according to regional aviation conditions, according to the relevant provisions of the need to install the logo lighting.

The general selection of high efficiency and the appropriate light distribution curve of the lamps. According to the production requirements of the appropriate color temperature and color rendering index in line with the lighting source to meet the lighting requirements of direct glare quality requirements. Lighting quality factors should take into account all the lamps to meet the working environment visual comfort, visibility and safety and aesthetic requirements.

In the field of industrial lighting, lamps should be selected according to environmental conditions, meet work and production conditions, consider the optical and mechanical properties of installation and operation, and pay attention to the appearance of beautiful, easy installation and coordination with the building to achieve the best The lighting environment, the longest working life, the most energy efficient use, and intelligent control.

Traditional industrial lighting includes mercury lights, metal halide lights, fluorescent lights. They are working at 220V, 50Hz operating frequency. The resulting strobulation easily causes eye fatigue. At the same time there is the beginning of the filament preheat problem, can not achieve fast start. And high energy consumption, short life, frequent start or shut down will make the filament black and soon damaged, the actual cost is also high.

LED lights because of its performance relative to the traditional lamps more superior performance. In real life has been more and more widely used, with good prospects for development. In particular, high-power LED lighting products are gradually used in various fields into use, color is good, the physical color of the show more real, a variety of light color optional, with high thermal conductivity, light fades small, No ghosting and other characteristics, to meet the needs of different environments, eliminating the traditional lamp color temperature is high or low caused by depressed mood, so that the visual feel more comfortable and improve people’s work efficiency.