HPS (High Pressure Sodium) / MH (Metal Halide) belongs to the traditional lamp category. In the past, they were widely used in workshops, warehouses and other places. Now thanks to the development of LED technology, LED is now the ideal lighting equipment.

LED lighting does not contain pollution elements and will not cause pollution to the environment. However, HPS contains mercury, which is harmful to the environment and humans, so it is not an ideal lighting device. The color temperature of HPS is also relatively low, its range is only between 2000K-2500K, and its CRI is also relatively low, only between 20-25. The current LED can achieve high CRI and multiple range of color temperature options. For example, our LED lighting fixtures, its CRI is 80, and if the customer needs to CRI is 90, we can do it. In terms of color temperautre, LED lighting fixtures can provide a range of 3000K-6000K, but of course it can be done higher, but in practical applications, these ranges are ideal. In terms of heat dissipation, HPS generates more heat and wastes electricity. The LED’s calorific value is 30% of that of HPS. Here, LED lighting fixtures are more energy-efficient.

In some cases, such as 2,000 m2 facility contained narrow aisles lit with 26 HPS lamps mounted at approximately 10 m in height that were in use sixteen hours a day, five days a week. The old lighting system, which required frequent and costly eplacement of lamp using a cherry picker, necessitated a significant time delay to return to full illumination after being turned off or in the event of a power outage. Moreover, the old lighting generated heat that could make the working environment less comfortable and many employees found that the poor quality of light interfered with concentration when reading labels or touch screens.

MH contains iodine and bromine. Both of these elemental properties are corrosive and toxic. After discarding, if not handled properly, these two elements will pollute the environment, endanger humans, and infiltrate through underground water sources. Why MH needs these two elements, because the injection of halogen gas such as iodine or bromine, in the high temperature, the sublimation of tungsten and chemical reaction of the halogen, the heat emitted to emit light. However, LED lighting fixtures do not contain these toxic elements. MH’s CRI and color temperature are relatively low, these are all features than LED lighting. Not to mention, the drab color of the metal halides made the overall appearance of the hangars somewhat dingy, which detracted from the facility’s wow-factor.

So LED lighting is the best choice at present, it does not contain toxic, corrosive elements, and a wide range of applications. LED lighting performance is even better than HID and MH, there are a variety of color temparture options, applied in different occasions. The CRI of LED lighting equipment is high. At present, the CRI of LED lighting is generally 80. Of course, if the customer has higher demand, we can get CRI to be 90.

In terms of maintenance costs, the service life of LED lighting fixtures is very long. The service life of HPS and MH is generally very low, so using LED lighting fixtures can help customers save a lot of maintenance costs.

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LED Lighting VS HPS MH