UFO LED high bay lights are the workhorse of industrial, warehouse, commercial, public, sports and recreational facility lighting. Many issues affect the design and specification decisions for UFO LED high bay light, including hard-to-reach ceilings, wide open spaces, harsh operating conditions and long run times.

High bay facilities are typically designed for industrial production, warehouse, indoor sports, large scale retail, exhibitions and conferences. Difficult to reach ceilings, vast spaces, harsh operating conditions, and long operating hours. These challenges place high demands on the ruggedness and efficiency of UFO LED high bay light.


The applications for UFO LED high bay light are very diverse. Almost all commercial, industrial, public, sports and entertainment facilities with high clearance between floor and ceiling require UFO LED high bay light to provide sufficient illumination.

Manufacturing facilities

Lighting can greatly impact the productivity and safety of a production facility. The types of work performed in these locations vary greatly from production to processing, but all require a lighting environment that allows a variety of tasks to be completed accurately and safely at the desired speed.

Manufacturing facilities represent the largest indoor or covered real estate segment of the industrial sector. A significant number of these facilities are designed to have high ceiling clearances to accommodate production requirements.

Lighting must be made robust enough to withstand extreme temperatures, high humidity conditions, corrosive atmospheres, vibrations from large machinery, and dirty electricity. Powerful lighting is just one of the challenges in industrial buildings.

Warehouses and storage areas

Warehouses and storage facilities are found in many commercial, industrial, retail and logistics environments. These facilities are designed to provide an appropriate environment for the storage of goods and materials as well as to perform highly diverse tasks such as logistics, inspection, packaging, shipping and receiving, light assembly and desktop work.

As utilitarian facilities, warehouses require adequate lighting to facilitate the high volume or high frequency of goods movement. The never-ending quest for low occupancy costs per square foot has led to a proliferation of highly proliferating warehouses. Warehousing facilities are often taller than they were thirty years ago, with ceiling heights in these facilities ranging from as low as 24 feet to as high as 80 feet.

In addition to providing sufficient illumination for security and navigation, warehouse lighting faces the greater challenge of providing uniform illumination from top to bottom on vertical surfaces where goods are stored and along the entire length of storage aisles, as most critical visual tasks occur on the vertical plane.

Sports and recreational facilities

While large venues usually install floodlighting luminaires at high points around the court, indoor stadiums often use UFO LED high bay light due to limited space conditions. These indoor facilities play host to different sports and non-sports activities, and UFO LED high bay light should meet the different or special requirements of each activity.

General lighting for other sports and recreation facilities is provided by high bay lights, including indoor basketball courts, field hockey rinks, ice skating rinks, horseback riding rinks, indoor ski areas and indoor amusement parks. The challenge for gymnasiums and indoor sports arenas is to achieve uniform, visually pleasing lighting with minimal luminaire installation.

Convention centers and exhibit halls

These buildings feature virtually no columns, high bay windows and large span spaces that require high lumen lighting. The lighting should be designed to provide a largely uniform level of illumination across a large number of interior floor spaces.

As aesthetics is often one of the fundamental design elements of modern convention centers and exhibition facilities, the architectural form of the UFO LED high bay light had to blend well with the surrounding architecture. UFO LED high bay lights should also be able to provide good color representation for exhibits where color is a requirement.

Large warehouse style retail

Hypermarkets, also known as supercenters, superstores or megastores, are physically large warehouse-style retail establishments with few architectural details. They are typically windowless, partitionless spaces where the primary task plane is the vertical surface of the shelves.

It is particularly important to provide adequate lighting at the bottom of the shelves. As much light as possible should be provided at high CRI.

Passenger terminals

Airport and rail terminals are facilities for passengers to board and disembark from aircraft. Passenger terminals are often designed as elevated structures that rely on direct lighting from overhead luminaires to perform all tasks within a designated area.

Airport hangars

Airport hangars are located on the airport grounds and serve as repair and maintenance facilities. These buildings are similar in size to heavy industrial facilities in that they need to be large enough to accommodate an aircraft.

Airport hangars can have ceiling heights of up to 100 feet. This presents a challenge to the ability of the luminaires to provide adequate task illumination from a distance.

Of course, the UFO LED high bay light can also be used for applications other than the above, so send us an email and we can provide a solution.

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